With a shared mission to advance the competence standards and best practice of social work in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Academy of Social Work was set up under the Hong Kong Social Workers Association in 2013 by a group of dedicated social work practitioners and educators. It creates a platform and structure for cultivation of the value of competence development among social workers and exchange of professional experience in specialised social work practice.

The Academy attempts to develop a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) System for social workers to enable them to advance from generic practice to specialized practice by building their capacity for advanced approaches in handling specific clientele and complex problems.

Message from Chairperson of the Advisory Committee

Message from Executive Director

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To enhance the total quality of social work profession by excelling the social workers’ professional competence, which contribute to building a caring, inclusive, cohesive and just society in the long run.

Our Mission

The Academy endeavours to:

  • Foster social workers from generic practice to specialised practice at a post-registration level by updating, upgrading and specialising their social work fields of practice; 
  • Provide a structure of credentialing and a system of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for social workers leading to a higher level of professional competence; and 
  • Promote the advancement of social work theories, knowledge, skills, interventions and evidence-based practice for the betterment of social work services.

Our Objectives

In pursuit of professional advancement for social workers, the Academy seeks to develop:

  • A Professional Competence Framework for social workers in Hong Kong;
  • An Accreditation System and CPD System leading to professional social work credentials;
  • Curriculum and programmes for specialised post-registration training to facilitate social workers’ competence development; and
  • A Registry for credentialed social workers.
Logo of the Academy

The visual identity of the Hong Kong Academy of Social Work is a holistic yet powerful expression of a learning community that strives for professional competence. This distinctive identity is articulated by three symbolic human figures with an open arm embracing each other. They represent three parties involving social workers, agencies and academia, which are truly committed in creating a platform for updating, upgrading and specialisation of practice in social work services.

Way Ahead

To promote high professional standards and best practice, the Academy proposed a social worker credentialing system with three professional advancement levels. The Course Accreditation System is established to give accreditation to courses that meets the requirements of social work CPD training. Both Social Worker Credentialing and Course Accreditation are open for application on July 12, 2020.

We endeavor to develop a local Professional Competence Framework (PCF) for Hong Kong Social Workers. After completing the local research on development of the General PCF Framework and the Specific Framework for School Social Work Service, we shall move on to develop the Specific Framework for Child and Family Service.


Funder: Keswick Foundation

The Hong Kong Social Workers Association received a grant from the Keswick Foundation in creating a continuing professional development system for social workers leading to the best practice competence model. The project expects to develop a professional competence framework (PCF) and further a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system to accredit and monitor programmes leading to social workers’ professional credentials as well as a registry for credential social workers.


AU Kit Ying Anita
CHAK Tung Ching Yvonne
CHAN Choi Ying Virginia
CHAN Hiu Yuen
CHAN Kin Hung Charles
CHAN Lai Kwan Queenie
CHAN Lai Sang Jacob
CHAN Lai Wan Cecilia
CHAN Mei Kit Maggie
CHAN Siu Lai
CHAN Wai Leung
CHAN Wing Kai
CHAN WONG Shui Pamela
CHANG Sau Han Joyce
CHAU Ngan Ching
CHENG Wai Hing Elisa
CHEUNG Kam Hung Rainbow
CHEUNG Tat Cheong Cooke
CHIU CHUI Yuen Fun Angela
CHIU Han Man Raymond
CHOW Wing Sun Nelson
CHOW Yin Man Amy
CHUA Hoi Wai
CHUI Wing Tak Ernest
FANG Meng Sang Christine
FONG Cheung Fat
FUNG Dun Mi Amy
FUNG Kwok Kin
FUNG Mei Chun
FUNG Pak Yan
FUNG Yat Chu
HO Wai Man Tabitha
HSU Siu Man
HUI Chung Shing Herman
HUI Sim Kiu Heidi
HUNG Suet Lin
KEUNG Hoi Ying Amy
KWOK Chi Ying Paulina
KWOK Kin Fun Joseph
KWOK Lit Tung
KWOK Victoria
LAI Chi Tong
LAI Kwan Ho Raymond
LAI Pui Wing
LAI Wing Hoi Frederick
LAI Wing Leung Daniel
LAM Yee Wan Eliza
LAU Kwong Kit
LAU So Ying Doris
LAU Ying Pan Edmond
LAW Chi Kwong
LAW Suk Kwan Lilian
LEE Ching Yee Jane
LEE Shuk Wai Anthea
LEE Wing Wai
LEUNG Cho Bun Joe
LEUNG NGAI Mou Yin Justina
LEUNG Pui Yiu Irene
LEUNG Pui Yu Pamela
LEUNG Wai Ling Rachel
LEUNG WONG Kwok Shing Eliza
LI CHAN Chui Ngan Agnes
LI CHUI Lai Shun Dorothea
LI Siu Fan
LIU LO Wai Ching Fanny
LIU Wai Ying Bonnia
LOU Wei Qun Vivian
LUI Wai Ling Annissa
MA Kam Wah
MA Lai Chong Joyce
MAK Catherine
MAN Hung Yee Joseph
NG FONG Wai Man Helen
NG Kwok Tung Agnes
NG Sau Lan
NG Shui Lai
NG Wang Tsang Andy
NGAI Sek Yum Steven
SHUM Ka Hung Joe
SO Yuen Han Bonnie
SUEN Hay Ping Margaret
SUEN Lai Sang
TANG Wai Hung
TSE Wai Yin
TSIEN WONG Bik Kwan Teresa
TSOI Man Yuen
WAN Lai Yau Deborah
WONG Hak Kun Sunny
WONG Ka Ling Kat
WONG Kit Hung Doris
WONG Kwai Yau
WONG Man Tai James
WONG Wai Lan Eve
WU Pui Wah
YAU Kam Cheong
YEUNG LAW Koon Chui Agnes
YIP Yun Wan Amarantha
YIU Shun Ho Margaret
YIU Tze Leung Ivan
YUEN Shui Si
YUEN Suk Ling Kristine
YUEN TSANG Woo Ki Angelina

Mr HUI Chung Shing Herman, G.B.S., M.H., J.P.