A Message From Chairperson of the Advisory Committee

Professor Nelson Chow

Chairman of the Advisory Committee

Hong Kong Academy of Social Work

In June 2020, following the establishment of the Hong Kong Academy of Social Work (the Academy), professionalism of social workers in Hong Kong is going to hit a historic milestone!
No doubt, Hong Kong social workers have been facing a lot of challenges recently. The Academy will serve to upgrade the professionalism of social workers and enhance their knowledge and skills so that they will in a better position address the increasingly complicated needs of the Hong Kong community. So far, the Academy has succeeded in setting up a Social Work Credentialing System, a Continuing Professional Development System and a Course Accreditation System, and we will further develop a Professional Competency Framework which will aim at equipping social workers to advance in their professional development.
It is our wish that Hong Kong social workers will keep on improving in their competence, not only for their own benefits. but more importantly, the welfare of the people whom they serve.