Being a credentialed social worker shows one’s commitment for pursuing professional excellence. Social workers who want recognition for their professional achievements and who want to advance from generic practice to specialised practice come to the Hong Kong Academy of Social Work for their credentials.
  • Why Creating a CPD System for HK Social Workers?
  • What Is a Social Work Credential?
  • Why Obtain a Social Work Credential?
  • How to Obtain a Social Work Credential?
  • Scheme of Awarding CPD Points
Course Accreditation
  • Purpose
  • Application Procedure
  • Criteria
  • Fee Charging
  • Assessors of the Assessment Panel
  • List of Accredited Courses
Social Worker Credentialing

The establishment of Professional Advancement Level is to promote high professional standards and best practice. The Academy proposes a three professional advancement levels with listed eligibility.

Do I need a social work bachelor degree to qualify for application of a social work credential?

Yes, all credential holders must have a BSW degree or above.

What are the criteria for application of social work credentials?

Each credential has its own criteria. To learn more, please go to Social Worker Credentialing