Level 2: Certified Senior Social Worker


  1. A Registered Social Worker;
  2. A recognized Bachelor or Master’s degree in Social Work;
  3. At least 7 years of experience in social work practice;
  4. Fulfils 48 CPD points in 2 years;
  5. Evidence of competence in professional practice.


Application and Approval

  1. Submission of completed application form and related documents as required;
  2. Review by Assessment Panel;
  3. Payment of the requisite subscription fee;

The decision regarding the application will be final.


Renewal of Membership (from April 1 of every year)

  1. Completed annual renewal of membership and payment of annual subscription fee;
  2. Continued RSW status;
  3. Fulfil CPD requirements.


Termination of Membership

  1. Those who have, by any act contravened the Code of Practice for Registered Social Workers issued under the Social Workers Registration Ordinance (Cap. 505), committed misconduct or neglect in any professional respect, injured the interest of the Academy, or brought the Academy into disrepute. 
  1. Those whose membership has lapsed (failure to renew membership and pay requisite membership fees before the due date) will be removed from the Registry of Certified Social Worker.


Restoration of membership

  1. Those with names being removed from the Registry of Certified Social Worker for less than 1 year can apply for restore membership by completing the membership renewal application and repaying the lapsed annual subscription fees.
  1. Those with names removed from the Registry of the Academy for more than 1 years should re-apply for credentialed status.


List of Certified Social Work Supervisor