Fellowships will be granted to experienced social workers who demonstrate outstanding expertise in professional practice, education or research in a specialized social work area. 


  1. Possesses a recognized degree in social work;
  2. At least 20 years of experience in social work practice or social work education;
  3. Produce evidence of outstanding professional practice, education or research in a specialized social work area;
  4. Commitment to the development of social work profession.

Application and Approval Process:

  1. Applicant shall submit an application with two fellows’ nomination (either Honorary or Fellows);
  2. Application will open once a year in January and announce in March.
  3. The application will be reviewed and approved by the Advisory Committee.
  4. Successful applicants are required to pay a requisite subscription fee.
  5. The decision of the approval is final with no appeals. However, applicants can put up new application after 2 years.

Renewal of Fellowship:

  1. Annual renewal of membership (From April 1 of every year) and payment of annual subscription fee.
  2. Fulfillment of CPD requirements.

Restoration of fellowship:

  1. Those whose fellowship are lapsed for less than 3 years, restoration of fellowship will be granted if the fellow repays the lapsed annual subscription fees and fulfill the CPD requirements.

Termination of Fellowship:

  1. Those who have, by any act contravened the Code of Practice for Registered Social Workers issued under the Social Workers Registration Ordinance (Cap. 505), committed misconduct or neglect in any professional respect, injured the interest of the Academy, or brought the Academy into disrepute. The decision has to be endorsed by the Advisory Committee of the Academy.
  2. Those who fail to renew for 3 consecutive years.