Social workers who wish to advance professionally beyond academic qualification may assess their current competence level and identify the gaps of required competence for advancing to different professional levels of credentials including Certified Social Worker, Certified Senior Social Worker, Certified Social Work Specialist, Certified Social Work Supervisor and Fellow.
Membership Categories

The establishment of Professional Advancement Level is to promote high professional standards and best practice. The Academy proposes three professional advancement levels with listed eligibility.

The establishment of fellowship in the Hong Kong Academy of Social Work to recognize and appreciate the social work leaders who have contributed to the development of social work as a profession

Certified Social Workers Registry
  • Certified Social Worker
  • Certified Senior Social Worker
  • Certified Social Work Specialist/ Certified Social Work Supervisor
Fellow List
Hong Kong Social Workers Association (HKSWA) membership

Enrol to be a member of Hong Kong Social Workers Association (HKSWA) to enjoy Fee discount for the Academy's Professional Development courses.